Hauling & Launching

Maritima del Atlantico is equipped with a 37 Ton Tami-Lift capable of hauling boats with a beam up to 17′.  our reputation for customer service and expert marine staff is well known in the Caribbean boating community. With 20 years of experience in repairs and restoration for power boats and sailboats, our highly skilled staff exceeds customer expectations in working standards.

The Maratlantico Boatyard is located in Ocean World Marina, Puerto Plata, north coast of the island of Dominican Republic and Hispaniola. Hauling is undertaken by Tami-Lift and Wiggins.

Normal operating hours are from  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., all week. Access to and from the Boat yard property is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, inclusive of holidays. The bathrooms and shower facilities are available during opening hours, and to paying customers after hours.


A full line of repair services can be found at the Boatyard, however all customers are encouraged to do their own work as well.

* Please note that hauling and launching are billed together and must be paid before the service.

* 27 ton and more add 20%

* Weight limit: 35 TON

Long Term Storage Includes: Boat Stand , tight downs securing blocks, 24 hours free yard, Security.

Yard Includes: Cradle, Water, 110 V power, Air Compressors, security, Restrooms and Showers.

*D.I.Y. is accepted!